Other Good Travel Reading

Current reading:

  1. These Truths – Jill Lepore’s one volume US history
  2. Weather – Jenny Offill’s new novel
  3. A River Runs Through It – Norman Maclean’s great novel – again!!!

Film and TV:

  1. Outlander – time travel WWII to 18th century in Scotland. Good stuff
  2. Big Little Lies – HBO drama about California wives
  3. Beechum House – PBS Masterpiece set in India

Favorite blogs and websites:

  1. https://kate-ballbach.squarespace.com/  Seattle friends living in London and exploring Europe with their kids. Truly good writing about everyday living.
  2. http://www.gandt.com/  A Navy/Pan Am colleague who writes excellent aviation fiction and non-fiction
  3. https://alexandradaneblog.wordpress.com/  A blogger/memoirist friend