Our Devices…

These are the devices that run my life (including the blond and, indirectly, her mother) in the background:


  • Two MacBook Pro’s
  • One Thunderbolt monitor
  • One iPad with aftermarket keyboard
  • Two Kindles
  • Two VOIP internet phones

These are the devices that display and distribute artistic content:

Device 2

  • One 42” flat screen TV
  • One TiVo (digital video recorder) to record TV shows, access Netflix, Pandora, etc
  • One DVD/VHS player for DVD’s and old VHS tapes
  • One home network wireless receiver
  • Not shown – 42” flat screen (in the bedroom)
  • Not shown – DVD player (in the bedroom

These devices are for music:

Device 3

  • One AM/FM/CD amplifier
  • One CD player
  • Not shown – one Apple iPod
  • Not shown – three guitars and a kazoo

And these are the devices that control those devices:

Device 4

  • Two Comcast remotes for cable
  • One universal remote to control input sources
  • One Samsung remote for the bedroom DVD
  • One Samsung remote to control the other bedroom remote
  • One TiVo remote
  • One Hitachi remote for the DVD player
  • One ROKU remote to source all kinds of content from Netflix to Hulu to ESPN. (I don’t understand this one yet. It’s brand new from our techie son and daughter in law)

And this is what we use to call Jonathan for help whenever any of the other devices fail to perform as needed:

Device 5

  • Two iPhone 4s’s

I’m old enough to remember when the family crowded around a big old maple covered Philco radio to listen to Jack Benny on Sunday night, when we went to the Roycroft Theater to see Hopalong Cassidy for the Saturday matinee, and when everyone used the neighborhood library and struggled with the Dewey Decimal System to find a morsel of information. Those really weren’t the good old days but they were definitely simpler.

More tomorrow…



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