Is This Creepy or What?

One way members of the ex-pat community stay in touch with each other and have an opportunity to meet new people is through a series of networking events. Some are privately organized; some are sponsored by the various Chambers of Commerce (AmCham, CanCham, EuroCham, AusCham).

Networking in a foreign country is different than it is in the US. Here, people actually circulate and talk to one another. In the US people tend to stand in small groups and talk to the people they already know. Here, everyone has a story, and it is always interesting to dig for it when you meet someone new.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet hundreds of people since moving here in September. In an earlier blog I mentioned that gender attitudes are sometimes highlighted in this environment. Eligible ex-pat women generally complain that the men have very little incentive to look for a serious relationship when there are so many beautiful women falling at their feet.

Two months ago I met a guy at one of the networking events and he drew me in for a few minutes before I broke the code. He was totally self absorbed and had a story that was too good to be true. Last night I saw him again. He’s one of the many men who come to Asia looking for quick and easy female companionship but can’t be straight about it. He’s created a myth about himself and he self-hypnotizes and spins it out continuously. Last night someone Googled him to see if anything would come up.

Check this out:

Is this creepy or what? There are so many good people doing good things over here, but people like this guy give ex-pats a bad name.

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