Lessons from Paris


1. French people smoke.

    a. Smoking is banned in public places

2. Outside tables at sidewalk cafes are great

    a. Smokers own the outside tables

3. Musee D’Orsay and the Louvre have long waiting lines

    a. Once inside you can’t see the paintings

4. Women wear perfume in Paris

    a. C’est si bon… What’s wrong American women?

5. An entrée is an appetizer

    a. A plat is an entrée and dessert is dessert

6. French wine is cheap.

    a. Everything else is expensive.

7. French dogs are well behaved

    a. And welcome in restaurants

8. French dog owners are not well behaved.

    a. They do not clean up after their pets

9. French cops look like Special Forces.

    a. Seattle cops look like security guards

10. French men, women, and children are courteous to Metro riders

    a. French waiters – maybe not

11. Viennoserie has nothing to do with Vienna

    a. Danish is not from Denmark either

12. French streets are clean (see the #8a exception)

    a. French restrooms are dirty.

13. Paris transit is cheap, clean, efficient and fast.

    a. Seattle transit is expensive, dirty, inefficient and slow

14. French baguettes and croissants are the best in the world

    a. A rotisserie chicken costs $25.

Poulet roti


Footnote: My friends Jon and Leslie dispute the cost of the chickens cited, but this was the price posted on one of the chickens in our neighborhood last week. Yesterday Jon and I saw them for 10 Euros ($14). Duly noted.


  1. Because there are so many truly French bakeries in NYC in the last few yrs, a great number of culinary french graduates come to the city for their final months of training. NewYork Chefs and “”head-hunters” get a pretty good commission when placing one of these “trainees”at a famous restaurant in the city. If you are lucky and know where to go, you will not be disappointed either with baguette or the croissant.

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