More From Our Alley In Saigon

Appearances are deceiving. Things are not always as they seem. Yes, I’m living in a hotel in a dirty, narrow alley in Saigon. But life is good in the alley. This Bentley is parked at the entrance to the alley every morning. The MSRP on the car is $200,000 plus 100% import tax. The per capita income in Vietnam is now $1,300 per year. I have no idea who the car belongs to but he has something going in the alley. Got to keep our eyes peeled.


Then just inside the entrance to the alley is the Senior Center. Every morning this group gathers for pho and gossip. Many of the “elders” here are living on their US Social Security benefits. Marilynn wants the black hair dye/shoe polish franchise in Saigon, but there are a few gray hairs in this particular group.

Senior Center 2

Right around the corner from the Senior Center is the local restaurant where the chef is busy working his magic.

Alley kitchen 2

And, the restaurant is right across the alley from the spa:

Alley Pedicure

Which is also the family and pet play area:

Family Time

And that’s right around the corner from the Aries Hotel where we live:


The local scene is rich and varied. N’est pas?


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