Secret Entrance

This is the interior passageway and motorbike parking garage inside a once grand French colonial building. Like most of the old buildings in Saigon the facade hides a vast and mysterious interior. The entrance to this one is an inconspicuous opening off of Dong Khoi, a street where luxury brands like Gucci and Versace share the spotlight with beggars, shoe shine boys, souvenir shops and street vendors selling fresh coconuts.

This picture was taken from the top of the stairs leading to a special place. You would never find it on your own. It’s like a 1920’s speakeasy. There is no street signage and only a discolored wall painting in the stairwell with the name, L’Usine, and a painted finger in 1920’s lithographic style pointing up the stairs. This is the ultimate in secret, hip, exclusive, insider stuff. Tomorrow I’ll show you more.

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