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Surviving Seoul

Seoul PalaceAfter yesterday’s grinding 11 hour, three movie, flight from Seattle Marilynn and I landed at Incheon International Airport outside of Seoul and hopped the hour-long Korean Air Lines shuttle into the city. We had reservations at a three star hotel that I booked online, and for the first time in four years we are breaking up the trip to Saigon with a three day stay Korea. We’ve passed through Incheon International a half dozen times but neither of us has ever been into Seoul proper. It sounded like a great idea; Korea is booming – Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, L/G, Daiwoo – and new cities are being built from the ground up to handle the growth. Two years ago I blogged about Incheon International and suggested that it was the world’s best airport and our opinion of South Korea was bolstered by yesterday’s trip from the airport to the city in a comfortable new natural gas powered bus on wide, beautifully engineered, well-lit highways and causeways. read more