The Next Adventure

I am a relentless world traveler and want to share the pleasure, adventure, and insights (past and present) that this experience has given me.

After graduating from college in Seattle I zigzagged through a series jobs that allowed me to live in a number of interesting places – Florida, Texas, California, New York, Idaho, Utah, and Washington as well as overseas in St. Tropez, France and Berlin, Germany. When I wasn’t working I was busy skiing, hiking, and cycling around Europe and Asia. My world view has been shaped by my work/travel experience.

We live in a global culture. We are all interconnected. In September a new adventure begins for me – helping the East Meets West Foundation ( raise money for important medical and educational programs and projects in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Three years ago my partner, Marilynn, and I spent three weeks touring Vietnam by bicycle. We fell in love with the country and the people. Now we are going back in a work capacity.

As Americans, we want to show the people of Vietnam our best selves. I think East Meets West is doing just that. It is improving the lives of the Vietnamese people by underwriting programs that improve infant and maternal health, repair infant heart defects, provide clean water systems for villages, build schools, clinics, and hospitals throughout the country. Many organizations are doing good works in the world. East Meets West is one of them. I’m very happy to be helping out.

Stay tuned and I’ll take you along on the journey.

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