Their Spa…

If you looked at the picture of our spa in the previous blog you will see the contrast in lifestyle amenities. At the other end of the scale is the guy in the picture on the right. I pass him every day on my walk to work. He always says hello and touches his chin to show that he’d like to give me a shave. Since I don’t have any hair there isn’t much else in his marketing quiver, and it doesn’t keep the shoeshine boys from wanting to shine my flip flops or Marilynn’s running shoes. These are bootstrap entrepreneurs in a bootstrap economy.

My barber friend is a classic sidewalk operator – he has two ripped unmatched chairs patched and held together with duct tape. His “shop” on the sidewalk has a torn dirty awning above and a hand mirror propped on the building’s ledge behind. There is no running water, but he has a bucketful sitting against the wall. He’s not always busy, but he’s busier that I would imagine, and he does shaves with a straight razor (scary thought) and lots of haircuts.

Since he works in the street he doesn’t worry about hair falling on the ground. Apparently no one else does either, because all the broken pavers and and cracks in the sidewalk are full of hair and have been ever since I started walking this street 9 months ago. It’s an anomaly since almost everyone has a small Vietnamese broom and is obsessive about sweeping up the dirt, wrappers, and leaves every morning. There must be a special dispensation for fallen hair. No one else seems to care or even notice. I guess it’s a cultural difference within a different culture.

There are many…


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