He’s Back…

No, not The Terminator; this time it’s Sebastian Lukacs Gorka, the red faced, bespectacled, Mephistopheles-like, Hungarian troll. Truth to tell, he never left; though on May 1, 2017, under pressure, the White House announced his imminent departure. Today (August 15), three and a half months later, four minority caucuses in the House of Representatives are again calling on the White House to fire the Deputy Assistant Advisor to the President – for his remarks in the aftermath of the Charlottesville tragedy.

Who is this dude and why should you care about him? I’ve written about him twice before, but he’s a cancer in the White House and, given his position as Deputy Advisor to the President, Americans should know his story.

Sebastian Lukacs Gorka was born in London of Hungarian refugee parents. After attending school in the UK he migrated to Hungary where he spent 16 years padding his resume’ with a bogus PhD and a set of self-created counter-terrorism credentials. While doing so, he attached himself to the right wing autocratic government of Viktor Orban and aligned himself with local neo-Nazi, anti-Roma, and anti-Semitic organizations. In 2008 he was granted a Green Card and immigrated to the US with his neo-con American heiress wife. He immediately associated himself with Fox and Brietbart News.  In 2012 he became a naturalized American citizen, and in 2016, following the election of Donald Trump, he rode the coattails of Steve Bannon from Brietbart to the White House.

Early in 2016 he was arrested at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport for attempting to carry a 9mm Browning handgun through security in his carry on luggage. One month later he was arrested for reckless driving for the second time in two years. On February 3, 2017, two weeks after Trump’s inauguration as President, the gun charge was dismissed. What do you suppose the chances are that another immigrant would be treated this leniently on the same charge? Everyone deserves a second (or third) chance but what does this tidy little set of criminal violations tell us about the man and about the new White House?

Lately, Bannon’s Hungarian avatar has been prowling around the media outlets on behalf of the White House threatening viewers and issuing imperatives like “Do not challenge Donald J. Trump…”. Over the weekend he told Fox viewers that the Unite the Right, white supremacy, neo-Nazi protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, was likely a “false flag” event created by leftists to provoke a violent response, discredit the right, and crack down on First Amendment rights.

Trump and Bannon apparently believe Gorka’s Lucifer-like gravitas lends a kind of Euro-trash credibility to the white supremacist rhetoric they’re peddling. Gorka seems to pop up on the Sunday morning news shows whenever Steven Miller, the other Bannon mouthpiece, gets savaged by the press corps for his brash nerdy assertions that the President has the power to do anything he wants – period.

Lately there is gossip throughout the mediaverse that Bannon and his posse will soon be dismissed, but contrary to his reputation at The Apprentice DJT is a coward when it comes to firing people. He insults, demeans, and defames them via Twitter, but doesn’t have the courage to confront them. Consider the way he fired FBI Director James Comey; by sending a termination letter via courier to FBI headquarters in DC while the Director was speaking to FBI agents in Los Angeles. With others, his strategy is to Tweet them to death and hope they will be too embarrassed to stay in their jobs. Surprisingly, little Jeffy Sessions didn’t do that.

Trump is a weakling and a coward! This is not reality TV. This is the Presidency of the United States. When will this national nightmare end?

I cringe every time I see him descend the steps of Marine One, see him unbutton his suit jacket, see his too long tie and fat belly, and the short fingered salute he gives the Marine guard at the foot of the steps. This coward, who never served a day in the military, is a disgrace to those of us who did.

I only hope that his infatuation with all things military and his respect for Kelly, Mattis, and McMaster, the grown-ups in his Cabinet, will lead to the dumping of Bannon, Miller and Gorka before more white supremacist gibberish or neo-Nazi dog whistles spew out of the White House. He won’t man up and do it, of course, but McMaster or Kelly might take just charge and throw them out. Cross your fingers, troops.


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